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Late, or delayed.

Similar to Melbourne's train network.
John is Connex again! Can't he ever be on time?

I'm already running like Connex, can't you do it yourself?
by m0ns00n March 10, 2007
Having a tight vagina.
Dude! I bet she's thin on the inside!
by m0ns00n March 06, 2007
To be a planq:

a retard, weirdo
Damn, Manuel is a planq.
by m0ns00n April 14, 2007
Beyond Your Control.

Each letter pronounced, not sounded out.
JOAN: I'm sorry about Friday night...

JEFF: Don't worry, it was BYC
by m0ns00n January 19, 2008
Toilet, Lavatory, Restroom.

Used when saying any three of the above makes you look like dirty scum.
I gotta go to the TLR real bad.
by m0ns00n August 20, 2008
Bring Your Own Cunt.

ie: If you plan on getting laid; pick up a girl beforehand.
XXX Brothel 69 BYOC.

We're having a party of the sleazy music and no lights kind. BYOC.
by m0ns00n February 07, 2008

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