Acronym for Tone It Down or Tune It Down. A quick way to ask someone to ratchet down the political rhetoric.
I wanted to say shut up but I exercised by civility and simply said TID.
#political rhetoric #politics #liberal #right wing #argue #propaganda #smart answer #open-minded #obama #bush #conversation #spin #republican #palin
by Blind Assassin January 13, 2011
Take it Deep... it's what happens when you work or shop at Circuit City.
Associate: There's another customer issue.
Manager 1: Shot not. TID buddy.
Manager 2: FML.
#deep #take it hard #fuck my life #take #it
by CCmanager February 20, 2009
The ultimate word. The "blank scrabble piece" of vocabulary. For use in a positive fashion.
That is so tid!
You are sure looking tid awesome today.
Tid? Tid.
by cin January 28, 2005
A girl who looks like a saint on the outside but she sends the nudes to the whole squad in a group chat. Better know as a thot in disguise
Ay did you see what that TID sent to the group chat tho
by HMU_THO March 31, 2016
Bigger than a tidbit, but smaller than a tad.
Can I have a tid of pie? Just a small piece, smaller than a tad.
by Tiddlybit January 29, 2016
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