Tiny Infant Dick Syndrome. Incurable condition in which the male genatalia never experiences growth spurts thus becoming disproportionately small to the rest of the body.
Damnit Cody, are you in yet?
Fuck you woman, I got TIDS!
by Jackal xXx May 12, 2014
Is a phrase used primarily as a farewell to others. Some people say take it easy, or see you later, or have a good one. But this three letter acronym takes it to the next level and makes your awkward goodbye a little more interesting. The TID stands for Take It Deep. You can use this with your friends who know what you’re saying, or you can spice up your daily banter with co-workers and try and throw a TID in there every once in a while, see how many you can get in before they start asking questions. It’s a great way to initiate a 'so long'. Most say TID, but if you are an expert word juggler try throwing in a “take it deep” to as stranger. If you say it fast enough you will get a smile and a wave. Good luck! TID

PS - Also a great way to end friendly emails or add to your signature
i have to get home or she will kill me! TID!

here's your change sir, take it deep.

Matt - peace out man
John - take it deep pussy
by jonblu July 28, 2011
Tubby in Denial... A person who acts skinny but is really obese!
Alex is a T.I.D
by Boberino April 29, 2003
This word is used solely in the small town of Castle Douglas (also see spicket and sassages). the word "tid" refers to what sort of mood you are in.
Crag said "hows the tid?"
Lasto answered "i'm in good tid today, thanks pal"


Garzo said "i'm in goot tid today fellas"
by Fray-Z December 17, 2009
The act of getting "Tooled down", in which the participator enters a semi-god status,and gets "down and dirty" on the dancerfloor/scence. The participant is invulnerable to cheap pick up lines, critics of the 80's and all forms of physical pain(excluding cheap foreign beer).It is found that Tooling It Down is a very orgasmic experience and often the user must spend several hours getting groovy after Tooling It Down

To initiate the act of Tooling It Down, a person must raise his left fist above his head, and cry "TOOL IT Down!"

Warning: Side effects include tendicies to believe you are invisible, everyones best friend and God damn sexy (your not!)

They'd just come home from Tooling It Up and where exhausted when the two hot single neighbours dropped by on their way to the club. They TID and damn they got lucky.
by Tool3y November 14, 2006
TID stands for Thanks in Advance; acronym used for expressing Gratitude.
John: I'll gift you Iphone 4S this weekend.
Doe: Well TID i guess.
by mAir February 28, 2012
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