The word "Tic" has many meanings; it is used throughout the U.K and various other places.

Usually "Tic" is used to describe an object or person.
That guy is well tic. ("Tic" meaning either Big, Hard and somewhat scary. The implications can change by pronunciation and stress in certain parts of the word.)
Tic me that spliff. ("Tic" in this sense, meaning "Give me that". The implications can change by pronunciation and stress parts of the word.)
That girl was well Tic. ("Tic" meaning beautiful, hot, attractive; sometimes in addition, can mean scary as well. Again, the implications can change by word stress.)
Wow, Tic! ("Tic" in this context means "Cool" or "Amazing".)
by Peter November 09, 2004
Top Definition
v. to postpone payment of drugs until a suitable date
I arranged to meet Ronnie to buy some weed, but I didn't have any money, so he let me tic for it...
by McKenzie February 28, 2005
A tally system desgined to measure last minute flaking on extra marital affair planning
Well thats another tic for Tom. He is flaking on me to have dinner with his wife!
by Shan'zers May 11, 2011
Tic is a word for involuntary actions. Most people who have tourettes have tics but it isn't unheard of for people without tourettes to have tics.
Shaun was walking down the streeet and twitched his head as he mumbled some inaudible word.
by Trevin November 01, 2004
Trafficking In a Controlled Substance
"He was convicted on a TICS violation."
by Cockgrinch March 26, 2012
Marine Corps radio chatter for 'troops in contact"! In sight of or in a firefight with the enemy.
"We have a possible "TIC" 10 clicks out!
by romdo308 October 04, 2013
The drug phencycledine, more commonly known as PCP or angel dust, in a powder form. Tic is either snorted, or sprinkled on a marijuana or tobacco cigarette, and smoked. This form of PCP was very common in the 1970s and 1980s, where as, in recent years, it has been replaced by a liquid form of the drug known as "wet" (e.g. "Dippers," "sherm sticks")
Back in the 80s we used to snort that tic, now all I can find is "wet".
by Cowboy Stanley October 21, 2012
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