The word "Tic" has many meanings; it is used throughout the U.K and various other places.

Usually "Tic" is used to describe an object or person.
That guy is well tic. ("Tic" meaning either Big, Hard and somewhat scary. The implications can change by pronunciation and stress in certain parts of the word.)
Tic me that spliff. ("Tic" in this sense, meaning "Give me that". The implications can change by pronunciation and stress parts of the word.)
That girl was well Tic. ("Tic" meaning beautiful, hot, attractive; sometimes in addition, can mean scary as well. Again, the implications can change by word stress.)
Wow, Tic! ("Tic" in this context means "Cool" or "Amazing".)
by Peter November 09, 2004
1. one whom dwells in or hails from St. Louis, Missouri
2. abbreviation for "st. lunatics"
I'm 'bout to roll to the Nelly concert wif my tics
by bill February 19, 2003
tingle in my chichi, lady boner
when obama sang lets stay together at the apollo, i got a t.i.c.
by cackilac February 09, 2012
Abbreviation for "This is China".
In a chinese internet coffee:

Guy #1: What the...I can't watch this video on youtube!

Guy #2: lol! TIC...
by jfp February 21, 2008
The Intolerable Cunt
Anna cheated on him with a young boy, what a TIC
by The Boobie Brother July 15, 2011
something that bugs you; to be annoyed;irritated or angery at
"That really tics me off"
by kimber nicole May 02, 2005
A nickname given to a person who looks like a Terminally ill child but is actually healthy. They would usually have pale skin, ranga hair and freckles covering their body.
George: WOW that kid looks like hes dying!
Nick: Nah thats just TIC.
by Textured August 11, 2011

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