Tongue in Cheek, Ironic, Not to be taken seriously
Wow...I'm really impressed by your friends! TIC
by Blueroom September 22, 2010
To say something is or was good. (Along with 'Sick' 'Phat' 'Bad' etc)
I believe short for 'Hectic'.
"I went to some party last night bruv, it was tic"
by Council B September 30, 2005
Short for "Toowoomba is Cool".

Easily the most incredible forum ever produced or partaken in by man. Used mostly by forum users, this shortened version can become quite useful in conversation and at partys, however, it should be used with caution when talking to non-TIC members, as it will in fact cause much confusion.
TIC user #1: Did you see that post on TIC?
TIC user #2: Hell yeah, what on earth was she thinking?


TIC user: Are you on TIC?
Non-TIC user: What the hell are you talking about?
by Sephiroth March 25, 2004
a girl with a ginormous mole on her face that appears to be a tic and have AIDS. the girl also tends to have fights with blow dryers, a gigantic whore, and give evil glares. it is a very rare species because it is so attrocious.
"man i can't believe u dated tic!"
"I KNOW! it was horrible, she covered it up"
by Banana Hamikk May 12, 2008
means the same thing as pop and lock but more up to date
He was ticin like whoe at that party.
by Heidi December 22, 2004
any type swearing word like bitch fuking fuck idiotic
yours such a ticing tic.

shutup u tic
by abbyerica December 02, 2007
A tic is an involuntary movement/involuntary speech or clearing of throat etc. which can come and go, but for some people with tourette's or similar, they usually happen more often than others. Tourette's and similar syndromes/disorders can be treated with medicine (example: clonidine, clonazepam etc.).
Did you hear that James got a really bad tic? He had to scream "ice cream flavoured sh!t"!
by niki201 April 08, 2015

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