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(abbrev.) Too Funny To Fix - When an outcome, by way of humorous error, becomes more valuable than the intended outcome. Typically applied to contextually-inappropriate automatic corrections.
John: "I need to pick up some thongs for the church raffle."

Janet: ?? lol
John:*things :p
Janet: tftf
by itstillhaswordsinit February 22, 2014
Too fat to fuck. Used in club settings while checking out women and/or men.
Hey bro, check out that babe over there!
Nah dude, she's way TFTF.
Yeah, you're right.
by ilovewomen May 20, 2012
Thanks for the follow. (Twitter)
TFTF; hope you get some good info from my Tweets!
by TechieKnow April 16, 2009
too fat to fuck

used as a polite way to turn a girl down.
girl: "hey what u doin this friday"

guy: "naa you're tftf"

girl: "huh?
by randyakathunderakafd August 29, 2003
Too full to function
Great lunch! Now I'm TFTF...
by jeka-alians June 13, 2014
too fucked to function
joe:yo man have another one.
samson:no man im tftf.
by therollercoaster July 24, 2011
too fat too fuck
dude, she is totally tftf..
by moonrider May 27, 2009
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