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a term used in prison for people that were crazy.
"hey man did you see that hot babe over there?'

"yeah, she is good looking, but a jaycat for sure."
by moonrider June 11, 2009
Those who never look beneath the surface of the lying propaganda the prohibitches spew.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta WAS a prohibidiot, until he actually looked at the research, now he is a drug law reformer
by Moonrider February 18, 2014
Those who KNOW the truth about the prohibited drug list and that prohibition of these substances is absolutely unconstitutional but want to keep it going, nevertheless, in spite of the science, because they either make money or gain power from it.
A prohibitch is anyone working for the DEA, the ONDCP and people like VP Joe Biden in government and Kevin Sabet, Patrick Kennedy and others in the private sector who tell lies about recreational drugs and want to imprison people for using drugs on the naughty list.
by Moonrider February 18, 2014
too fat too fuck
dude, she is totally tftf..
by MoonRider May 27, 2009
Someone's asshole.
Dude, you should have seen what my starfish gave me.

Man, I have been in that bathroom all morning long, my starfish was not going to open up.

Oh man, I finally got some starfish action last night.

Oh Man, this bar is for picking up starfishs......(another gay bar)

Oh no i finally did it, my starfish broken..
by MoonRider November 28, 2010

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