<sean kennedytfm>"my name is sean kennedy, and i am the fucking man"
by themusicgod1/jeff cliff April 10, 2003
An abbreviation for the phrase "total frat move." Used in response or to describe an action of a male who exudes all things fraternity.
"So I moved to Montana so I could go fly fishing for a year."
"Dude, that is such a TFM."

"So, I bought some new sunglasses to wear during spring break to impress the ladies."
"Stop tfmming.

"My parents gave me $1000 dollars because I spent all my rent on beer and polos."
"TFM dude, TFM"
by cnmetz May 18, 2007
Titty Flash Monday

On dutch site dumpert every monday titty flash vids/gifs!
Oh look a nice tfm video!
by flaskk July 01, 2013
Too F**king Much; the severe feeling of disbelief one encounters when someone, or something, does something unthinkable
*on Instagram*

Girl #1: "Just found out I got another STD! :("
Guy #1: TFM.

Guy #2: Is our professor really giving us a 6-page essay to do in one night?
Guy #3: Damn, this is TFM.
by TheGiggityMan April 10, 2014
Acronym for Transcendent Fellowship of Moribund Sesquipedalians.
A highly elite and exclusive group of only 6 members searching for the betterment of one's vocabulary and a chance to miss 30 minutes of english class.
Meets in the library at KWBS.
Password required to enter.

Occasionally considered a sorority, even with 2 male members.
At the beginning of english class, the members of TFMS went to the library.
by thisismylife April 05, 2009
Total Frikn Magic
A Phrase used in the TV series on MTV "Awkward"
Did you just see that!?
Yeah It was TFM!
by scarsfommars July 05, 2012
The Finest Mob. A group of girls that are too fine, above the bops and knocks. They are just the Fineesstt.
Dayyum! She must be part of TFM, cuz that girl is just the FINEST!
by TFM girl October 26, 2010
The Tin Foil Man
A creature who resides in rolls of tin foil, waiting for you to come upon him, where he racks havoc upon you. Often hiding on top of cupboards, on shelves, or in general open areas. Tends to live in weird smelling classroms, and are often evil. Some TFM's are quite entertaining, and may provide endless entertainment for classroom students!
TFM distracted Aidan in his class by making strange noises and pulling funny pranks.

Andrew felt intimidated by the TFM because his entertainment tended to rack havoc upon him and other students in the classroom
by TheTinFoilMan March 23, 2010

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