typical frat move - used to explain the action of a boy that belongs to a frat...aka sausage parties, drugging innocent girls, spanking, anything involving a keg (empty or full)
so hey, sarah got roofied last was such a tfm
by annie mac March 15, 2006
"Too Fucking Much"

1. When someone or something goes overboard, over the top, excessive.
2. Exceeding the usual bounds of something; extravagant; immoderate.
That raver with the kandi up both arms is TFM.
by 1337 irl December 14, 2009
too fucking much
Posting a picture of the Netherlands soccer team as your profile picture during the world cup is tfm.

That bright yellow hat is just tfm with her neon pink skirt.
by befp8122211 July 01, 2010
Total fucking moron - Used to describe someone (or a group of people) with unbending and extreme points of view who cannot accept even the most reasonable concepts. Someone who justifies their point of view with partisan rhetoric instead of facts.
Singular usage: Anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh is a TFM

Plural usage: can you believe the TFMs that argue that 9/11 was a government conspiracy.
by evilpettingzoo July 10, 2008
a total frat move; something only a member of a preppy fraternity would do
Popping your collar and wearing polos is such a TFM.
by Laura Smith February 26, 2006
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