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The fucking article. Often used in the construct RTFA (read the fucking article), itself derived from RTFM, it is often used on the slashdot news site, where it is common knowledge that most of the posters will comment on stories without reading the articles linked to in the main story.
TFA clearly states that your point is utter BS. So, next time, please RTFA before making a fool out of yourself on /.
by Anonymous Coward April 08, 2005
Abbreviation for "totally fucking awesome."
That party last night was TFA.
by ACRO NIM September 14, 2013
Thanks For Asking
Girl: Hey! How are you doing?
Boy: I'm doing well, tfa. Hru?
by Mzkarizmatic November 08, 2010
<Pronounced tee-fass>
Abbreviation for "Totally Fucking Awesome Sweet".
"I really dig Don't Stop Believin'"
"Yeah, Journey is TFAS"
by aklivecka January 06, 2009
Two Factor Authentication. Or Three Factor Authentication. (You see, there's ambiguity in the definition of this TLA)

In most situation, you only need a single factor to authenticate, to prove who you are: "Something you know" - typically a password. But that's not very secure. Therefore, some systems make authentication stronger by requiring more than just one factor. Other factors are "something you are" (such as your fingerprint, or other biometric aspects such as your signature) and "something you have" (such as a key, or a chipcard).
Every ATM I have seen so far employs TFA: In order to get money out of it, you have to prove that you're the legitimate account holder by providing two things: Something you have (your ATM card) and something you know (your PIN).
by Securitoot January 15, 2013
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