titty fucking action
i really want some TFA with those supreme titties
#tits #titties #boobs #knockers #supreme
by DEMareSOMEniceTITTIES February 19, 2010
TFA stands for Teach for America. Teach For America is a national corps of recent college graduates and young professionals of all academic majors, career interests, and professional backgrounds who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity.
Its mission is to enlist the nation's most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequality.
I think I might apply to work for TFA because it has such a great mission... but I think I'll apply for an investment bank instead.
#teacher #education #college #inequality #mission
by Master Educator Mike September 22, 2007
tfa is just a abreviation for the fucking asshole. Most likley created by some computer nerd who was getting tired of typing.
tfa is spreading rumors about me!!!
#fucking #ass #asshole #fucker #fuckingass
by Pyro #1 May 20, 2009
1. Total Fucking Annihilation - An irrefutable display of grisly power that completely, mercilessly, and swiftly obliterates an object or entity without significant opposition.

2. Totally Fucking Annihilate - To completely, mercilessly, and swiftly obliterate an object or entity without significant opposition.
i. If that little kid hadn't moved out of that eighteen-wheeler's way, we would have witness a prime example of TFA.

ii. You mean they dropped a nuke on a fetus? Why the hell did they TFA a fucking fetus?!?
#pwn #own #pwn3d #owned #pwn463
by Dafydd January 08, 2006
Totally Frickin Awsome!
self explanatory
That is so TFA!
That shirt you bought at the mall is TFA!
#tfa #cool #awsome #totally #frickin
by itjusmar November 05, 2006
a place of meaningless incoherant babble.
The old people love to hang out at TFA.
by Bob November 18, 2003
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