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(woe BAS tid): intoxicated to the point of saying "I LOVE YOU" to everyone in the room, trying to call your ex gf (which you shouldn't) and accidentally calling your mom (which you REALLY shouldn't), or engaging in sexual relations with someone who weighs more than 200 lbs
My iPod got stolen, so I got wobasted.
by Dafydd March 05, 2006
1. Total Fucking Annihilation - An irrefutable display of grisly power that completely, mercilessly, and swiftly obliterates an object or entity without significant opposition.

2. Totally Fucking Annihilate - To completely, mercilessly, and swiftly obliterate an object or entity without significant opposition.
i. If that little kid hadn't moved out of that eighteen-wheeler's way, we would have witness a prime example of TFA.

ii. You mean they dropped a nuke on a fetus? Why the hell did they TFA a fucking fetus?!?
by Dafydd January 08, 2006
An instrument in the brass family. A trombone is a brass instrument, it works by the musician blowing into a mouthpiece which creates a buzzing sound. It hasn't changed much from its predecessor the sackbut, it still is a s shaped instrument with a very big bell end.
That trombones sound is so erotic, the raspberry blowing on me
by DaFyDd March 01, 2015

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