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Temporary Duty Assignment-

Some one that is employed in the United States Government/Military could go on a temporary duty assignment somewhere in the us for a very short term period (normally a month at the max), and the trip is completely payed for (food, gas, hotel, etc) along with the extra money they receive with there check.
My dad went tdy in California so I won't see him for 2 weeks.
#tdy #military #family #government #army
by Ginger-ish June 08, 2014
when a person in the military is temporarily deployed for a year, aka being sent overseas, generally without the rest of the family.
my daddy was sent on TDY
by jhb July 04, 2005
1. T.D.Y = Temporarily Divorced for a Year
(type of military order)
Lets go to the bar and get laid, i am TDY for 2 more weeks.
by assmonkey December 18, 2004
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