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Any child who has grown up with a parent in the army, has never lived in a place more than 3 years, knows what tdy means, got excited when you turned 10 because you get a military id, shops at the px/bx, personally know 10 or more people who got sent to Iraq, lived overseas (hawaii counts) and while overseas attended an international school, has always lived in a place that started with "fort" or ended in "AFB".
I am the typical army brat. I attended 10 different schools before graduation. Lived in so many states (including hawaii, north carolina, california, and washington d.c.) that i am now restless and want to move again.
by jhb July 04, 2005
when a person in the military is temporarily deployed for a year, aka being sent overseas, generally without the rest of the family.
my daddy was sent on TDY
by jhb July 04, 2005
Persons related to you by blood or marriage.
Your second cousin once removed is kinfolk, but her room mate is not.
by JhB October 11, 2003
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