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Tasty Coma Wife
In Scrubs, one of the females JD went out with was a TCW
by azndude01593 July 19, 2010
(tee-see-dubs) Of, or retaining to, the act of being, or is, Tom Cruise Worthy
Dude, I just had sex last night that was TCW
by SirGiuliano September 20, 2010
Too confusing weird syntax

When what you wrote was too confusing or poorly worded because you were too tired or drunk and you're trying to get the point across.
that of which that had to have been said wouldn't have been correct had I decided to not use this word blah blah. TCWS it's all good no worries
by Thesrawrus April 29, 2015
An acronym. Meaning The Clock Watchers. It contains to anyone who wants to join a clan from Guam. Primarily means people who constantly look at the clock. Jer is part.
Dude! Have you joined that one crew..TCW?
The Clock Watchers! They Own!
by January 15, 2009
Tactical chunder + wank
when you feel the need to release bodily fluid from 2 orifices at once for whatever reason.
"I'm so drunk, I think I need to TC... god that waitress is fit... better make that a TCW!"
by BaconRolls December 11, 2009
This means you have a Tiny Crooked Wiener(Teen Crook Ween). This is also a club (TCW crew), in order to be a part of this club your penis must be straight for the most part and it must be larger than 4 1/2 inchs erect. If you are a member and you know of some one that falls into the non-member catagory (someone with a tiny crooked wiener)you tell that person it means Totally Cool Wieners and say they can be a part of TCW crew.
a person with a small crooked penis
by lil poot December 18, 2004
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