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A legit encinitas based gang that was founded in 2000. The gang holds manabreast destiny as there only law
I keep asking OG Rocka if i can get in to TBS but each time he bars me and says i don't pull hard enough
by Harlow thug 1187 September 24, 2008
14 41
Tiny Ball Syndrome. Wargaming term describing a debilitating dependence on broken models, units, tactics, or entire lists. Usually exclaimed by a talented and unbiased player when confronted with inferior cheesy tactics.
Player 1: Oh FFS, Chris is using the winterguard death star in this list?
Player 2: Yeah of course, it was in that list he copied.
Player 1: TBS.

Jordan died of TBS after Bane Spam overtook his healthy game-life.
by itscaturdaysomewhere July 12, 2012
7 35
tb's stands for teenyboppers they are people that are stuck up and they act all up themselves there like sluts but not exactly.
look at thoser Tb's over there she thinks she is all that
by Lillyuuuuj February 26, 2012
1 29
the back seat of a car where two people would have sex.
let's take this to TBS so we can fuck.
by bfeezymack June 22, 2011
18 46
TBS=Total Bull Shit
Dude,That Pop Quiz Was TBS!
by Punisher13 April 18, 2011
7 35
"Tall Bro Syndrome" Typically refers to women who are over 5'5" and love to wear heels, consequently they only date or sleep with bros who are 6'0" or taller.

In men who meet the height requirement, TBS is displayed as a smug sense of entitlement, looking down at smaller bros, and the inability to dance with any rythm.
Dude, all these trolls have TBS, lets bounce" or "what's that guys problem? It's that time of the month ya know, TBS?
by Roninjassin November 16, 2010
2 30
Teenage Boy Syndrome (TBS) is marked by temporarily ignoring your girlfriend to watch the sports team, or having a temporary brain fart and forgeting to call her.
Has your boyfriend called?

No, he has tbs.

by monkeygirllolo August 31, 2010
4 32