"Tall Bro Syndrome" Typically refers to women who are over 5'5" and love to wear heels, consequently they only date or sleep with bros who are 6'0" or taller.

In men who meet the height requirement, TBS is displayed as a smug sense of entitlement, looking down at smaller bros, and the inability to dance with any rythm.
Dude, all these trolls have TBS, lets bounce" or "what's that guys problem? It's that time of the month ya know, TBS?
#bitch #troll #cunt #deuche #asshole
by Roninjassin November 16, 2010
Teenage Boy Syndrome (TBS) is marked by temporarily ignoring your girlfriend to watch the sports team, or having a temporary brain fart and forgeting to call her.
Has your boyfriend called?

No, he has tbs.

#teenage boy syndrome #guys #stupidity #ignorance #boys
by monkeygirllolo August 31, 2010
Totally Bitchy Sister
My tbs and I got into a huge fight last night, she was being so annoying.
#sister #bitch #annoying #family #hate
by peet1504 July 22, 2010
The Black Station - TV Station who's shows include: Meet the Browns, My Manny, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Steve Harvey, Are We There Yet?, and a very few other shows.
Black Man: Yo dog, did you catch the new episode of Tyler Perry's House of Payne on TBS?
White Man: I did. I love The Black Station. Now that we have a black president, I feel comfortable watching black comedies.
#black #tbs #tv #shows #comedy #people
by likadingdong April 29, 2010
The Best Shit. Ayy you know what the SHIT is!
That's TBS!
#tbs #shit #legit #cool #tight
by ChechChon April 20, 2010
very funny- originates from the TBS television slogan "very funny"
Guy 1: We were having sex and she ripped one
Guy 2: HAHA no way dude, that shits TBS
#tbs #funny #slogan #television #laugh
by captain mary jane March 21, 2010
Abbreviation for "to be sure". Used to demarcate pompous intellectual drivel and empty conjecture trying to pass itself off as fact.
TBS, reconfiguring Lebec's invocation of the hyperself situated in a futuristic orpheum fantasy will always constitute restitution for the frustration of atavistic desiradum such as the mother's love.
#intellectualism #philosophy #bombastic #academia #stupid
by Roger_Klein March 16, 2010
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