"Thongs, Bongs, Foot-Long Shlongs"

This acronym identifies the main relaxation components that a group of highly stressed, college or post-college girls seek when going on a group vacation to a tropical area.
The girls are leaving for Spring break to Cancun. It will be TBS all week.
by wkerilla April 01, 2004
Stands for 'typical bloody SITA': the Head of Marketing in floods of tears after the CEO has slept through a presentation; backbiting colleagues; bewildering delays in payments; world hunger.
'Have the invoices been paid?'

'I know it's three months overdue, but it's TBS I'm afraid.'
by Uncle Whippity January 12, 2004
Atlanta independent television station (actually it is WTBS-17 in Atlanta and TBS Superstation outside Atlanta), owned by Time Warner.
TBS stands for Turner Broadcast System
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
Tall, blonde, and stacked, usually referring to a specific brand of attractive women.
Bro, Ms. B is def TBS!
by trapaholic420 December 07, 2012
Tiny Ball Syndrome. Wargaming term describing a debilitating dependence on broken models, units, tactics, or entire lists. Usually exclaimed by a talented and unbiased player when confronted with inferior cheesy tactics.
Player 1: Oh FFS, Chris is using the winterguard death star in this list?
Player 2: Yeah of course, it was in that list he copied.
Player 1: TBS.

Jordan died of TBS after Bane Spam overtook his healthy game-life.
by itscaturdaysomewhere July 12, 2012
tb's stands for teenyboppers they are people that are stuck up and they act all up themselves there like sluts but not exactly.
look at thoser Tb's over there she thinks she is all that
by Lillyuuuuj February 26, 2012
TBS=Total Bull Shit
Dude,That Pop Quiz Was TBS!
by Punisher13 April 18, 2011

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