TBS- typical bullshit. anything shitty or crappy that happens often and that can be extremely annoying.
girl #1: that hoe sarah slept with my boyfriend last night at the party! can you believe it?

girl #2: of course i can! that's TBS. sarah sleeps with anything that has a penis, including girls.
by mahgurlfranz January 02, 2010
A legit encinitas based gang that was founded in 2000. The gang holds manabreast destiny as there only law
I keep asking OG Rocka if i can get in to TBS but each time he bars me and says i don't pull hard enough
by Harlow thug 1187 September 24, 2008
A toast based snack. Usually nailed by Ewans. You can have a variety of TBS's like Beanos, Eggo's sometimes even spag hoops.
Look at Ewans he's only bloody nailing another TBS.
by Russell Davidson April 12, 2008
Short for Tiny Black Shorts. They are very tiny, silky shorts that are favored by Special Operations military guys.
Joe- Damn Willy has got his TBS's on again!
Mo- Yeah, I think I see his balls.
by Brawny7878 February 13, 2008
Toilet Bowl Special: When someone snorts a line off of a hotel room toilet rim. This is typically done for $20 and is also known as the Kansas City Express or the KC Choo-Choo.
"Hey, we're in Kansas City, let's pay someone $20 for a T.B.S."
by Inquirer November 13, 2006
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