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Totally bratty sister
My TBS stole my brand new sweater last night, hate her!
by eaglequeen October 10, 2009
5 33
Tedious Bull Shit. Work needed to be done that is not 100% necessary and very time consuming,
Friend 1: Hey lets go to the bar and watch the game!
Friend 2: Can't, stuck with some TBS from wife.
Friend 1: Faggot
by French Toast Omlette July 23, 2009
9 37
Taco Bell Syndrome

A common intestinal occurance in the patrons of Taco Bell where, within a half an hour of ingesting the meal, the subject in question will utterly destroy the nearest toilet.

Also known as the number one doctor recommended way to clean out a colon.
1: Oh man, I had Taco Bell for lunch and now I have to crap like there's no tomorrow.

2: I'm not using the bathrooms at Taco Bell, they've all been destroyed by TBS.
by anonymous1482 July 10, 2009
27 55
A toast based snack. Usually nailed by Ewans. You can have a variety of TBS's like Beanos, Eggo's sometimes even spag hoops.
Look at Ewans he's only bloody nailing another TBS.
by Russell Davidson April 12, 2008
6 34
Short for Tiny Black Shorts. They are very tiny, silky shorts that are favored by Special Operations military guys.
Joe- Damn Willy has got his TBS's on again!
Mo- Yeah, I think I see his balls.
by Brawny7878 February 13, 2008
9 37
Tiny Boner Syndrome

A condition when a person's penis is so shriveled that not even Viagra won't correct it. This is often caused by not getting any pussy for a very long time that the muscles in the penis atrophy.
Damn Mike has a case of the TBS.
by SexyMan007 March 21, 2007
7 35
Toilet Bowl Special: When someone snorts a line off of a hotel room toilet rim. This is typically done for $20 and is also known as the Kansas City Express or the KC Choo-Choo.
"Hey, we're in Kansas City, let's pay someone $20 for a T.B.S."
by Inquirer November 13, 2006
3 31