The Black Station - TV Station who's shows include: Meet the Browns, My Manny, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Steve Harvey, Are We There Yet?, and a very few other shows.
Black Man: Yo dog, did you catch the new episode of Tyler Perry's House of Payne on TBS?
White Man: I did. I love The Black Station. Now that we have a black president, I feel comfortable watching black comedies.
by likadingdong April 29, 2010
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Tech Bitch Syndrom---Typically used on girl from Georgia Tech but can be substituted for any school with a larger male population. The girl, commonly uncool when surround by girls from other schools, becomes a bitch when many desperate college guys realize that is all they have.
That girl has major TBS, she took my alcohol and left.

Jenny Long
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
The Best Sex
by Ms.DZ February 28, 2011
the back seat of a car where two people would have sex.
let's take this to TBS so we can fuck.
by bfeezymack June 22, 2011
To Be Seen... A female chav hangs around with teenage boys to make themselves look good. Slags of all her friends and wears big cheap gold earings. Commonly waers silly mini skirt and stupid FM boots. Oh and dont forget the mountians of makeup
Just watch Little Britian... you'll see.

Or go to any major shopping centre... always plenty there!
by XentriX February 09, 2005
Typical Bracknell Slag, a word commonally used for girls from bracknell. Or used out of bracknell for girls that should blatently live there.
Charlotte Searle, is a TBS.
by Alex Armstrong September 19, 2003
Atlanta independent television station (actually it is WTBS-17 in Atlanta and TBS Superstation outside Atlanta), owned by Time Warner.
TBS stands for Turner Broadcast System
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
Tiny Ball Syndrome. Wargaming term describing a debilitating dependence on broken models, units, tactics, or entire lists. Usually exclaimed by a talented and unbiased player when confronted with inferior cheesy tactics.
Player 1: Oh FFS, Chris is using the winterguard death star in this list?
Player 2: Yeah of course, it was in that list he copied.
Player 1: TBS.

Jordan died of TBS after Bane Spam overtook his healthy game-life.
by itscaturdaysomewhere July 12, 2012

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