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Taste Bud Orgasm - when something tastes so good your knees go weak, your eyes water and your heart beats a little faster knowing you have at least another bite left before you have to chase down more.
I make brownies so good, it's a guaranteed TBO from the first crumb!
by Senior_Druidess March 08, 2009
"Take Bitches Out" whether you want to tbo in the club, on the basketball court or just in your everyday life TBO is a signature acrynym for one of the funner things in life. so take bitches out girls...and guys.
person 1-"lets take bitches out"
person 2- "TBO!"
by TakingBitchesOut July 15, 2010
Toilet Bowl Overwhelmer:
A bowel movement of such epic proportions that it exceeds the carrying capacity of the average throne.
After visiting the all-you-can-eat buffet before last night's kegger, I dropped a major TBO before class.
by PlayThatFunkyMusic June 01, 2011
Thick Bitches Only.
Hey Gertrude, theres a fat rager at 8th and Normal tonight. Invite bitches but remember, T.B.O.
by danieljackson December 09, 2014
Titties By Obecity (TBO). Huge tits due to a girl being extremely overweight.
That girl has awesome TBOs. If she lost 40 lbs & kept even 1/2 of those tits, she'd be hot.
by Heywood Jablowmee October 13, 2005
TBO stands for two ball ointment.
I have a quart jar of TBO for you in the cabinet. It's good for colds, moles, and sore buttholes. It's better then Ben Gay.
by MassivePlugger August 18, 2009
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