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1. i said before....PLAIN WIERD,STRANGE...not in a bad way tough. You can never UNDERSTAND whats going on in HIS MIND. but he's a cool guy...SO CUTE!, NICE HAIR , CUTE SMILE.....ect you taha.......UR GURL!
by ITS ME BABy April 28, 2008
344 135
Perfection; Something you'd be lucky to have

Will not admit to perfection even after reading it on this site.
Why is Taha so amazing?
by 95. December 14, 2011
144 43
A nice, awesome, extremely popular dude. Who controls everything. Owns everything. Everyone gives him everything. He's awesome. Simply awesome.

Taha is a geed killing warrior. Ruthless and brave.
John: Did you see Joe the other day?
Sam: No, what was he doing?

John: Tearing that geed village apart.

Sam: What a Taha!
by Urban Dictionary October 13, 2011
130 46
An Arabic surname. You will never find a family more loving, amazing, and perfect as they are. They're a very model-like family, being extremely good-looking and such. Not only are they blessed with the desired looks of a thousand suns, they're also amazing people to be around. Having amazing personalities. In short, you wish you were a Taha. If you ever have the insane luck to come across one of these amazing people, thank god because he clearly loves you.
"Man! I wish i was a Taha!"
by iwillloveyou February 23, 2013
42 13
A two syllable word that can be easily and heavily modified, produced by large drunk fat redneck when they are drunk and or stoned out of their minds.


The "ta", a noun, must never be changed or altered for it is the literary glue holding the exclamation together.

Ha, is an expression of the happiness said redneck is experiencing at any given moment. A shorter burst indicates less happiness than, say, a 7 second sustain.
Redneck: Could you pass the adderall please.

Magical Phallus: Here you are fine gentleman.

hours later....

by penisevasic69420 March 31, 2010
4 7
A short bearded person
He looks like a Taha
by stripyshirtguy May 21, 2008
96 141
the royal laugh of king banks
TAHA the camel just got ran over by an icecream truck
by King Banks November 24, 2006
51 128