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a term used to describe the non-Greek affiliated members on a college campus. Originally derived from "GDI" or "God-damn independents". These people are can be characterized by social awkwardness, non-fratty apparel, and unquestioned love of the pseudo-sport ultimate frisbee.
Why are there so many geeds on campus today? Is there an ultimate frisbee tournament close by?
by clay12398 May 14, 2008
1866 690
a person who is not in the greek system at a university, also called a GDI as in God Damn Independent
look at those stupid geeds outside that frat party trying to get in!
by wsuwoohoo March 29, 2011
175 80
Basiclly means i lied, or fuck outta here.
(Ugly Bitch Passes By)
Dude 1: That Bitch Is Bad
Dude 2: Gee'd

(Dude Finds 20 Cash)
Dude 1: My Nigga I Just found 20 Beans
Dude 2: Your Geein It d.a we smokin
by Baii Jr May 29, 2012
22 45
a geeds is a person or thing that is above all else in coolness. Usually has the stature of a giraffe and the strong headness of a rhino.
That shirt is so geeds.
Yo, that female emperor penguin is a geeds.
by GKG May 12, 2005
51 164
its how you say pussy in ojibwe...but some refer to it as ass
dude 1: dayum, that chicks hot...i bet she has a nice geed...

dude 2: naw, i doubt it, that puddle slut probably has a skunk geed
by bfgeedman September 23, 2011
179 308
Sarcastic term meaning the opposite of "good". If said about a being it is offensive toward them. To extend the hatred just add more e's.
That's geed. Your quite geed.
by Dan Davies January 25, 2007
73 203
slang terminology for the word: gay
wow, that was the geedest test ever
by Jimmy Kan November 18, 2003
85 217