Typical Asian Bitch
i think the defination sums it all
person 1 : omg who does she think she is?
person 2 : shes such a t.a.b.
by rawrr October 16, 2006
scottish slang for a fag/cig/etc
You want tae go fur a tab?
by gmc123 August 29, 2006
Any Type Of Extacy Pills
We all ate tabs last night and got fucked up
by DB83 June 11, 2005
Trick Ass Bitch
Gomfais_-Tab. see also Gomfais
by j0ey August 05, 2003
(noun) Meaning "Tweekin Ass Bitches". Term comes from mid-western U.S.
Any group of female "tweekers" who hang out together & take too long with simple tasks. A TAB crew will take 6 hours to put on make0up just to go to Wal-Mart.
by Shabby_one February 10, 2010
Take A Break

When a person gets into mundane routine of work, married life or anything...then he needs to TAB
Sam needs TAB very badly.....
by Poyani August 02, 2007
A Tasty Asian Babe. More than just the typical Asian girl with small tits and no ass...these are foxy as hell.
dude did you see that TAB that walked by...she was foxy as hell
by Thomas Reid September 25, 2006

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