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Describes a girl who is not fat but has a large body. She is big boned or stocky. She generally is taller than the average girl and is fairly strong/well built and manly.

This is a derogatory name often used by guys to describe a big boned girl no one knows the name of.
-Who's that new girl everyone's talking about?
-Uhh, I dunno.
-I heard she's fat or something.
-Oh yeah I know who you're talking about. But she isn't fat, she's just a T-rex.

-Dude check out that chick over there!
-Yeah I see her... She's too tall for my type. And she's kinda big and manly.
-Yeah, you're right, she's a T-rex.
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010
1 3
The act of destroying property while intoxicated.
Ashley T-Rexed the bathroom after she fell asleep on the toilet last night.
by PowderforPresident February 22, 2009
176 50
When you are doing a girl from behind, preferably close to the edge of the bed, and you grab her by the shoulders and lift her up. This results in her swinging her arms aimlessly like a T-Rex while making moaning noises.
"Dude.. what was all that noise.."
"Oo.. I t rexed that bitch"

by runner_steve February 18, 2008
113 47
1. Large carnivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous period, also known as "Tyrannosaurus rex" and "Dino Pimp Daddy"
2. Gnarly glam rock band from the '70s, fronted by Marc Bolan
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
59 14
A cheap ass. The person, who at dinner in a restaraunt when its tip time, whos arms seem to be too short to reach into their wallet and tip their fair share. T rexes, frequently seen reusing napkins and relying heavily on the "if its yellow, let it mellow" flushing principal, are the utmost cheapest, tight waded, penny pinching bastards around.
Frank: "Steve, how much did you tip?"

Steve: "I dont believe in tipping... *leaves table*"

Frank: "You god damn t rex... *shells out more cash*"
by Johnathan Milavec March 05, 2007
80 51
1. A large carnivorous Dinosaur.
2. A three wheeled concept car.
3. A very good band from the early to mid 70s. Previously Tyrannosaurus Rex. Led by singer/songwriter, Marc Bolan.
3a; If you're from England: The band that was "bigger than the beatles" (as quoted by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) and had lots of hit songs, starting the "Glam" genre.
3b; If you're from America: That one band that did "Bang A Gong (Get it on)".
1. T. Rex is almost unknown in the U.S.
2. You know, T. Rex, the band that Oasis ripped off on "Cigarettes & Alcohol".
by That one kid, jeff August 02, 2007
29 8
A man with freakishly humongous muscles and tiny forearms.
That T-Rex hasn't heard of curls!
by miaisbored November 08, 2010
31 19
a) Adj,describing one who is an uphill gardener, ie. little arms
b) Vb, to be a fudge packer
That Jay is such a giant t-rex, he was t-rexing it up last night.

by adjou March 16, 2007
54 43