A TROLL, someone who seems moderatley attractive during normal time periods but while playing sports turns into a mystical creature of the forest or under bridge living.
wow that chick looks spankim hot to day
bro are u goin to the girls basketball game today

to bad because shes a T and you ll be turned to stone
#clairence #cliterus #deseray #jaspar #klaire bakers
by laxmastar December 03, 2010
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What Bostonians call their public transport system, almost always referring to the subway, but also including the various bus lines in the system.
"You wanna see the Celtics play? Just take the T to North Station."
"I don't have a cah, I just ride the T."
by youngsexyandliberal June 17, 2004
N. crystal meth. Often used to refer specifically to 1/16 ounce of crystal meth (half an eight ball). The term originated as follows: "crystal" was referred to as "christina;" "christina" was shortened to "tina," which was shortened to T. --tina syn.
Tweaker 1: Dude, you know anyone who's selling? I wanna get a T.
Tweaker 2: Yeah, I got a contact. Lemme get her number.
#crystal meth #meth #crystal #christina #tina #8-ball #eight ball #drugs
by Kile Martin January 30, 2007
Testosterone, as used by those who say it often enough to warrant abbreviation, e.g. bros hoping to bulk up.
"My T levels are insane. Gonna bench 300."
"Don't eat soy bro, bad for your T."
#testosterone #bros #weight lifters #hormones #t-level
by goodantelope September 25, 2013
Shortened term for city of Toronto, located in Canada
Vince Carter, property of T.
by Vince Gill April 04, 2003
Definition 1:
used by gays as a way to say wassup, what's going on, etc.
Definition 2:
also used if someone is gossipping, "spilling t"
Example 1:
What's t, bitch?
Example 2:
Miss Nick: Gyrl, how bout Miss Mychal sucked trade off at a party.
Mychal Good Judy: ohhh, that's t!
#gay #gay slang #homo #queer #fag
by Miss 904 September 28, 2007
A Butch Dyke. Originates from the word Tomboy. Mainly used in China, originating in Shanghai. A T's girlfriend is usually referred to as a P, short for "Po", which means "wife" in Chinese.
Hey Abe, check out that T sitting over there. You should get her number and bring her back to the other side.
#butch dyke #lesbian #tomboy #china #p
by enunna February 08, 2011
Short of tevierseh or something of that sort. It's Finnish for: "Regards."

Often used on 4chan and other boards as a way of mocking other users.
OP: /int/ is as good now as it was back in its early days.
Responder: t.Australian
by BORROROROSWOW May 22, 2016
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