2)Ten Thousand(as in money)
1)what up, t?
2)i got 2 t's in the lotto
by EliPTiK101 April 23, 2008
Abbreviation for Terrorist in Counter-Strike.
T Spawn. He's got the package.
by Alph Tech / Stuart August 28, 2005
verb, stands for tag, meaning had sex.
"Are you going to T him tonight?" or "Yeah I T'd her last night"
by Julia in down town Denver October 11, 2007
(v) to smoke marijuana (a further abbreviation of tmar)
Hey bro, wanna t up?
Lets t before my parents get home.
by rizzak November 23, 2007
Quickfire for "Mr. T"
pity tha foo dat mess wit T's van!
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
2)Ten Thousand(as in money)
*t's is the same as saying thugs*
1)t's 4 life
2)can i borrow 1 t, please?
by EliPTiK101 April 24, 2008
Annoying, Clingy fellow who has a tendance to irrate everyone. Including his friends, every now and then there is a T purge. Never lasts for long.
He Smells too and is a totallly odd man whore. Creeps Girls Out.
Guy 1#: Don't let T come over! He's a damn gooseberry
Guy 2#: I agree, damn T.
by Bert Mclovin October 27, 2007
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