Abbreviation for Terrorist in Counter-Strike.
T Spawn. He's got the package.
by Alph Tech / Stuart August 28, 2005
short for the word "True". Mainly used in online chat or e-mail to quickly reply to someone's comment.
person 1: "Urban Dictionary is the greatest"
person 2: "t"
by asdfetgrwagg October 03, 2007
The twentieth letter of the alphabet
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
A TROLL, someone who seems moderatley attractive during normal time periods but while playing sports turns into a mystical creature of the forest or under bridge living.
wow that chick looks spankim hot to day
bro are u goin to the girls basketball game today

to bad because shes a T and you ll be turned to stone
by laxmastar December 03, 2010
2)Ten Thousand(as in money)
1)what up, t?
2)i got 2 t's in the lotto
by EliPTiK101 April 23, 2008
T is an abbreviation for "Typical" because saying the word typical is a classic case of TMW (too much work).
If another person uses "T" in conversation, it is customary to respond by saying "You know about T?"
and the other person will respond, "I know all about it"
J$: I have way too much work to do
JG: T.
J$: You know about T?
by Sweetback216 May 21, 2011
It/t wl b gud, guaranteed.
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010

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