A metro train or transit system that travels underground.
We need to hurry, the T station will be packed soon.
by 412 November 29, 2005
-T is another word for "T-Shirt."
-Mainly used by "Ghetto", "Black" and any another cool person who wear shorts down to there ankles and shirts down to there knee's.
-T's come in all different colors, You can get the infamous pink T at Finish Line, aswell as black, white, Navy, and etc.
-T's are fresh.
-You know those cool kids at the mall you see with a Black Under shirt and then a baby blue shirt over that Under shirt, well THATS a T.
-The undershirt is always bigger than shirt over it.Always!!
-remember its T!!
A-Yo nigga, where did you get that fresh T at!
B-I got this junk at footlocker, 5 for 20.Aint that shit tight as hell.
by They call me CHEVY. September 10, 2005
Has shit-stained teeth, likes a girl named Michelle, sells pigeons, Petey died "Petey Petey peteyyyyyy", has dogs "maggie and cody", and thinks he is cool because he buys lottery tickets.
Squirell, hey that looks like T.
by Aizen May 31, 2008
The "T" is the name of the public bus transportation in Fort Worth,Texas
Hey! Do you ride the "T"?
by me2005 July 07, 2005
Torque. Torque = Force (cross) Radius
(cross) means that the force must be perpendicular to the radius or you must use the component of the force which is perpendicular to the radius.
The tension in this string is infinite because you are hanging from it you fat person.
by Urban Dictionary November 01, 2004
i) State of unbelievable boredom
ii) Object or task that may cause extreme boredom or pointlessness
Tness-the state of being T
What I am writing is so T-what I am writing is so pointless
by Owner June 03, 2003
Testosterone, as used by female transvestites to become more more masculine in appearance using hormone therapy. Available to those under 18, but only by parental consent.
"Yeah, I'm wearing a binder until my 18th birthday, then I'm gonna go on T"
by Absintheluck December 01, 2005
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