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Self Proclaimed Follower of Christ. This term is needed because one cannot automatically call themself a Christian until approval from Christ. SPFC's occasionally make mistakes but Christians never do.
The brave SPFC endured the ultimate evil, regardless of the possibility of endangering his flesh, and therefore was promoted to the title of a Christian.
by Gods_Warrior April 10, 2010
Term used as a substitute for peace. In the New Testament of The Bible, Jesus says that He is here not to bring peace to the world, but a sword. The same should be for SPFC's and Christians.
Man: "I'll see you later. Peace!"

SPFC/Christian: "Sword."

Man: "What did you say?"

SPFC/Christian: "I said sword. It is a term used as a substitute for peace. Therefore, I return your greeting to you in this form"

Man: "Oh. Okay then. Good Bye."

SPFC/Christian: "God Bless."

Instead of saying: "May peace be on to you", you can say "May you wield your sword" or "May you carry your cross".
by Gods_Warrior October 09, 2010

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