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The act of tying someone up for sexual pleasures
I'll be your submissive bondage girlie ;)
by purple_horizon October 15, 2003
A crappy and disappointing town in which I was born and raised and most unfortunately, still live in *help!* Full of feckin typical loud-mouthed 'townies' (see definition) who've got nothin better to do than get pregnant (usually at age 15 and younger) and dislike anyone even slightly different to themselves.
Someone put a bomb under Swindon council's arses, maybe then they'll do something useful for a change...
by purple_horizon February 28, 2004
Fucking annoying gits that Swindon is full of. Can't say one sentence without using at least 1 form of obscenity, kinda like the Osborne's but much more pathetic. Most annoying is the stupid Cockney accents they all seem to put on - argh! You find yourself wanting to punch them frequently and you only gotta look at them to know what they're like. Most of them do have kids by the time their 15 and the dads have always pissed off somewhere. Swindon has a real high teen pregnancy rate, I wonder why...
Townies - Kill em all I say
by purple_horizon February 28, 2004
Hehe I totally agree with the above, see that kinda thing every day here... though there is the 'Swindon Syndrome' that affects railway workers exposed to asbestos, poisoned and went on to develop cancer
Swine Town all the way...ergh
by purple_horizon February 28, 2004
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