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the north wales slang for cunt! and they say it for no reason half the time. It's not necessarily an insult always.
"Hey! You ok cont?"
"Watcha doing cont?"
"God he's a cont"

but obviously in welsh!
by Gwenzo December 13, 2007
A woman at any given convention who is acting like a complete and utter cunt.
The security woman who refused to allow people into Hall H at Comic Con was acting like a huge cont.
by Connor Mantis September 27, 2010
a short version of continued
She con't down the stairs to get the jar.
by xxscreamotheoryx January 08, 2008
Also used as a prelude/warning to an action performed by an individual.
Here's comes the CONT train baby! Woo Woo WOO!!

You have to CONT it right there!!

Feel the pain you cont!
by cappuccinodan February 05, 2010
'Contact lenses', the word has been truncated but still retains the allophonic morpheme of 's' to denote plurality.
You better take your conts out before you go to bed, or they'll float to the top of your eyelids and get stuck. You'll need a pair of tweezers to pull them out.
by Big Gary January 13, 2007
The Northern Ireland Culchie (country folk) pronounciation of 'cunt'
Ohhhhh tha CONT!
Once a cont, always a cont!
That wee fella's a cont so he is
by Air Janine December 02, 2013
A more refined, sophisticated way of saying controller.
'dude my cont is so much cooler than yours'

'no way dude mine's got vibrating feature built in'
by weneedmoreconts October 19, 2009
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