An african american rapper from eminem's rap group D12, also known as Swifty McVay. Who really shouldnt be known as the kinda high voiced rapper from d12, he should be known as, that ill ass rapper from d12. Swifty has a nice flow and lyrics to match, he can sometimes be mistaken for kon artis, another rapper from d12 that has a similar voice. But Swifty is great and should be a lot more famous than he is now, but hes not cuz people buy shit from people like Soulja Boy or Hurricane Chris who rap about dances and say the chorus too many times.

Example of Swifty's lyrics

Its that Dirty Dozen renegade
You done pulled the pin on my grenade
38's will move your shit up out the way
You niggas wont forget about McVay
You got sumtin to say let it out today
And watch these bullets spray
From these ten black fingers huggin these deadly millimeters
That will make Jeff Dahmers look like he caught a misdemeanor
See I'm dirty so I ain't gotta to buy pistol cleaner
An official beater don't let me see you with your heater
You get swift with it
Tell that mutherfucker Swift did it
You packing sumtin special in your crib then bitch get it
I'm physically fitted to run your digits
I'm hostile with this **Rosco** pointed up your nostrils
You get splitted and guess what I'm blowin up the hospital
And wouldn't give a fuck if you a cop or a ho
I'm hannibal lector the spinal cord disconnector findin whores
to lockup in motels and inject em.
Person 1: Hey did you hear that song My Words are Weapons by Eminem?

Person 2: The one with Bizarre and Swifty featured?

Person 1: Yes.

Person 2: Dude Swifty and Eminem both ripped that shit up lyrically.

Person 1: Hell yea.

Person 2: Lightyears ahead of what Flo Rida could come up with.

Person 1: True That.
by D12 for life August 09, 2009
Top Definition
Where you jerk a guy off and then give him a Razer Naga.
Guy 1: Got Swifty'd by some dude the other day, now I can play WoW better with my new Razer Naga.
by Donderblitz December 28, 2014
Hardcore Taylor Swift fans!
1. "I'm a New York swiftie!"
2. "All swifties should join this new Taylor Swift fan page on FB!"
by A fellow swiftie December 02, 2010
One of the most awesome people on all of Youtube. He is awesome at video games, he is a role model to thousands of the people that subscribe to him. He has great friends and a good sense of humor. Overall, a great guy.
"Hey Will! Did you see Swifty's new 1 shot macro?" "Yea! He was able to crit that guy for 100k!"
by Jim Downey October 10, 2011
Dedicated Swift Fans who go to any measure to make sure they know every single thing about her and who own twitter and tumblr by knowing more about Meredith than any other animal in the world.
Swifties are true fans
Swifties love Meredith
by Jill Swift December 17, 2011
A girl who is completely obsessed with country singer Taylor Swift. Usually a little bit lesbian towards her, and would give anything to meet her and be like her. Supports her 100% and loves her an unhealthy amount.
Shut up, I'm a swifty.
by lolIDEK October 25, 2010
Swifties are fans of Taylor Swift. The third scariest nation of fans after directioners and belibers. Swifties can find out most of Taylor's personal information.
directioners: i know the boys' blood types
belibers: i know Justin's phone number

swifties: i know where Taylor lives
by amandaisnotme May 12, 2013
A remarkably amazing person, who is very very cool.
Look at her, she's definately a swifty cause she's hanging out with Mike
by Mike Groves December 08, 2008
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