A simple PHP error, something that should never pose a problem.
I cannot believe he just pulled a swifty. Now I have to hire someone that is not prone to cause more swifties and make johnny wait longer for his site!
by someonecool November 25, 2006
A game that consists of jerking off as many times as you can in one hour. It is often played competitively when in High school or College but can also be played solo against your own personal record. It is generally based on the honor system but use of officials to judge and the requirement of evidence is not unheard of.
Teacher: So class, what did you do over the Christmas Break?

Student 1: Swifties 4! A new personal record

Student 2: Seriously?! 4 wow I barely got 3

Teacher: What are you guys talking about, what is Swifties?

Student 1: Uhh....it's a new video game
by Tvan12 December 04, 2009
The most perfectious guy in the world! I love him to pieces and will never stop! Also known as Tom, Rachel's bitch, Mr Swift and Oooooh Mr Swift!
God that guy may be perfect but he's not a patch on Swifty.
by Rachel August 26, 2004
A penis drawn in 2 seconds or less
I drew a swifty on his paper.
by CalebPoland February 20, 2015

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