It's a handjob from Taylor Swift where she just has a surprised look the whole time.
That swifty was sooo amzain!
by DFs March 01, 2012
a person with a snapped banjo who loves shaggin skanks. This person usually doesn't have a home or a toothbrush
swifty what are those black marks all over your teeth
by Callum Trigg June 15, 2009
a substantial amount of gas emersing from the anus
dang son, did you release a "swifty"
by Delta_roc October 20, 2008
A person with a fierce ass that likes to be shown and has been hooked by a unsignifcant other that is hung like a stud field mouse. For some reason he has a growth hanging down that he likes to calls "bubblegum."
"She said Swifty, relax..."
by kxhonda February 07, 2010
A person with bleached blonde hair- but not the good type of bleached, the gay looking type!
"oh look, theres Swifty, the gay boy!
by Nige007 October 24, 2008
When one bends over in the standing position and then another runs, and jumps hands and head first into his/her gaping asshole.
Person#1: Holy dogshit dude, your asshole is like 24 inches wide!
Person#2: Yeh, last night I dropped a penny and when I bent down to pick it up this fully shaved, naked, lubed asian guy gave me a swifty.
Person#1: Gaping.
by Scott July 24, 2004
A blowjob.
Guy #1- "Man, she's hott!"

Guy #2- "I bet she gives a good swifty."
by berv September 22, 2010
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