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To have your credibility attacked by an a dishonest political machine. Named for four ads run by a conservative group of Vietnam War veterans called Swiftboat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) during the 2004 presidential campaign.

The ads featured Vietnam veterans corroborating falsehoods about Kerry's service in Vietnam, and criticizing his testimony as a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The accuracy of the ads was discredited by official Navy records, other veterans, and several of the SBVT's own members. In spite of media sources openly questioning their validity, they were effective in raising doubts about Kerry's war record in critical swing states. Bush, a draft-dodger, managed to win his second term in the 2004 election, largely due to the Swiftboat ads.

These days, when media figures have their image attacked, they claim they've been swiftboated in order to imply that the attackers are dishonest or using false information.
Steve: The New York Post ran a story that Al Pacino is a child molester. They're trying to swiftboat him.
Bob: Wait, I read what that means on Urban Dictionary. According to the highest rated definitions, that means he's raping little boys.
Steve: What? That's not what swiftboated means at all, just look on wikipedia. Those definitions must have been written by Bush supporters.
by kickflipthecat July 28, 2010
exposure of a false hero by people who are fimiliar with claimed heroic acts
John claimed to have saved a life in the local tragic fire. However, after noting that John was aat the time, actually in a bar 20 miles away by the bartender, John was Swiftboated by several other people the entire week following the fictitious claim.
by Mike52 Fleming October 28, 2006
To be unfairly and inaccurately attacked relentlessly in the media
They swiftboated the Gold Star mom on the news by questioning her credibility when she refused to back off with her antiwar protest in the presidents back yard.
by Mike Levy August 09, 2005
To be made a fool of. To look like a horses ass. To take it up the "Poop-Shoot" in a presidential election and still think of yourself as some kinda war hero.
John Kerry got "swift-boated" in the 2004 presidential election.
by JihadGene September 14, 2006
to be smeared by the president or his administration in a tastless and slanderous way.
They're gonna totally swiftboat this soldier's mom the way they did kerry.
by zeroklk August 09, 2005
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