The act of smoking a blunt in a car on a road
Yo man tryna swerve?
by AnalGoblins March 23, 2010
To ski on a single slalom water ski.
Skiing side to side behind a boat, in a manner similar to slalom skiing around bouys.

The water was like glass, so we had a swerve.

He is a great swerver.

Bought a new swerve stick for this summer.
by Swervn November 10, 2011
In liverpool scousers use it when a boyfriend or girlfriends decides to finish with there partner.
sally:i don't think this is working out your swerved
joe:your where shit in bed anyway :)
by C-H-L-O-E ;] June 29, 2009
To have difficulty maintaining while on a (or a series) of drug(s.)
You see Scott last night at the party? That motherfucker was swervin'!
by THCzombie April 29, 2005
In soccer, to curl a ball or a finesse shot toward goal
"He swerved the ball away from the goalie to the back of the net".
by Sabhaz December 25, 2012
getting mad buff like hardcore muthafuckas
no doubt, i be gettin my swerve on six days a week
by jules February 27, 2005
to talk smack on someone that's not like you
man, that girl looks whack, i always want to swerve on her!!
by Shannezie January 27, 2004

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