People that say they love jesus but dont.
Shane went to church today....what a swerve.
by Freakin Alex May 22, 2005
Scouse term for not doing something or leaving it alone

can also mean stop
"Swerve arguing"


"Swerve being an idiot"

"Swerve it"
by BeckyDeyn July 23, 2008
to party,
can also be used in place as werd... cool, badass, wicked
or also used as "yes"
"you ready to get your serve on?"
"effin swerve fool"
"you see that girl down the street? that bitch is swerve"
by s. tom s. August 09, 2006
A bum or hobo, a crackhead, a fiend or begger.
Someone who is involved in drugs and other such things.
A homeless or nearly homeless person.
Swerves usually are: uneducated and dumb, dirty, smelly, unattractive, and have missing teeth and messy hair.
A swerve is fully, totally 100% dedicated to anything and everything they have to do to get what they want and needs, usually getting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, a prostitute, etc.
Swerves generally are found in groups, and on street corners or alleyways.
"Dont give that swerve a dollar!"
"Get the fuck outta my face, you fuckin swerve!"
"I need to sell this shit, Where all the swerves at?"
"Clean yourself up, you fuckin swerve!"
"If you got a couple bucks, or a rock, a swerve will clean your house, wash your car, steal shit and bring it to you, they'll evev kill someone for you!"

by JGSR March 20, 2006
Can be used in place of "groove."
Used most often in a sexual reference.
"Get your swerve on."
by Big Cat Capone January 20, 2005
an act of looking at someone, sticking out your thumb and index finger parallel to each other above your head, and yelling out "swerve!" when the person isn't expecting it.

originally had drug connotations, referring to the way your fingers are bent when passing around a joint, but now is just a random thing you do to your friends when you're bored.

ocassionally used in the double swerve, which is the ultimate swerve technique.

made popular in GHCHS in California.
Bob- Hey Josh turn around
Josh- *turns around
Josh- wooow. haha. SWERVE!
by mexicansoldier92 March 10, 2010
To avoid or dodge someone.
I couldn't be arsed to talk to her, so i gave her the swerve.
by Wise Man October 02, 2003

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