When you are drunk and you see the cops and when you see them you get scared and go sober.
"Dude I just swerved!"
by Leotq03 February 06, 2015
1. (v) to trick; to fool; to send for a loop
2. (n) the act of being tricked
1. The identity thief swerved everyone.
2. That was a funny swerve.
by Marchant July 23, 2004
Song by D-Ca$h and Dj Moreau Murphy
Nigga 1:Dude did you hear fucking Moreau murphy's new shit its off the hook

Nigga 2:No dude ill go check it out

Nigga 1:You better bitch #Swerve
by Nigaroni July 28, 2012
Used to describe the feeling of intoxication and the feelings associated with the aforementioned condition. Usually caused by vodka and monster shots. Accompanied by grandiose delusions that are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or otherwise very powerful. Included in these delusions is the belief that you are the hottest chic in the club no matter what. All the guys want you and all the girls are jealous of you.

The more shots that are consumed the stronger the delusions become. The only known cure is chili cheese fries at 3am and a verbal debate with someone over a topic you can't recall the next day.
Yeah, I am walking funny, I got my swerve on.

ooh, I felt that shot, adding to my swerve!

Let me get on the dance floor and show off this swerve.

Ya, these witches are looking at me, they are jealous of my swerve.
by Feelin Da Swerve February 04, 2010
Something that's weird but cool
Bob: I got the world record for the biggest shit!!!!

Me: ~~~SWERVE~~~
by Lil' Kk June 16, 2014
Is a compressed form of saying words like swear (which is another way of saying "Oh, I see. That's quite interesting") or say word, which if you say swerve in the right manner, it sounds like say word.
1) Man 1: I totally went balls deep in that fat black chick last night.
Man 2: Swerve!

2) Man 1: What's up buddy?
Man 2: I just did a butt chug!
Man 1: Swweeerrvvveeee.
by BeefyHamilton March 09, 2014
When something is cool.
Friend #1 "Dude, I just got Call of Duty: Ghosts!"

Friend #2 "Swerve"
by Meepzy January 05, 2014

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