1. (v) to trick; to fool; to send for a loop
2. (n) the act of being tricked
1. The identity thief swerved everyone.
2. That was a funny swerve.
by Marchant July 23, 2004
Something that's weird but cool
Bob: I got the world record for the biggest shit!!!!

Me: ~~~SWERVE~~~
by Lil' Kk June 16, 2014
When something is cool.
Friend #1 "Dude, I just got Call of Duty: Ghosts!"

Friend #2 "Swerve"
by Meepzy January 05, 2014
They swaying motion in which at the club or party, someone starts chanting swerve, people start swaying back and forth like in drunk matter
**at the club**
dude: swerve swerve swerve swerve (said slowly)
crowd: *begins to sway back and forth to the beat
by RAM978 June 01, 2013
Flirting... Trying to "talk to" or pick up someone, spit game, or holler

ohhh shez sexy as hell im tryna swerve
by YungPanda December 25, 2010
Someone, typically an enemy. Someone who robs a friend or others for that matter.
Homeboy: Yo there goes chase.
Me: Ya he a fuckin swerve.
by Yours Truly1989 May 02, 2010
The act of smoking a blunt in a car on a road
Yo man tryna swerve?
by AnalGoblins March 23, 2010

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