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A phrase dat describes something very cool innit. Like if youz get a million bucks that would be sweet ass.
Teacher: You can leave early from class today.
Me: Sweet Ass!
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
Adjective. Describes something more than just sweet.
Dude, that is one sweet ass car; did you steal it?
She was accepted at Duke on scholoarship and got a sweet ass deal on her dorm fees as well.
by izzyd March 25, 2006
Very good.
Aw hell yeah I found five bucks!
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003
An expression, meaning cool, awesome, pimpin, etc.
Bob: Man, did you see that awesome flip I just did?

Fred: Yea man!! That was sweetass.
by FrankieSayRelax August 23, 2009
Urban Declarative. Sweet ass is used to celebrate a happy moment. used by Cartman in the show South Park.
I found five bucks! Sweet Ass!

Sweet Ass! Look at that car!

That girl has a sweet ass.
by Donny October 28, 2002
1. something totally awesome or cool. used to show happiness, or a good expression.
2. about half-way up someone's body, there is a region called the "ass". also used to state that someone has a "Sweet Ass". sweet in this case usually meaning hott.
1. "I got that new Panic! At The Disco CD I wanted!"
"Sweet Ass, dude!"
2. "Dang, baby! You gotta Sweet Ass!"
by Miss Dorkette March 15, 2006
Another way of saying "hell yeah"
You dumped ur gf! SWEETASS!
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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