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sweet, but with a b, so its cool
that was so sweeb bud
by Like ... sam yo June 13, 2003
The inverse of the word dweeb.

Someone who happens to be totally wicked.

The coolest of cool.

See Samuel L. Jackson.
Matt: "You know what?"
Morgan: "What?"
Matt: "You're a total sweeb, dude."
Morgan: "Thanks, man."
by The Great Kroeger December 10, 2003
Someone who severely sucks at a game. Origin: SWAT 4, Player Sweeb

Can also be used as an insult or general profanity.
1) "Raiden, you are such a sweeb."

2) "Well Ill be sweebed... those sweebheads sure sweebed us good."
by TrixyHobbitses February 16, 2005