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A PC first-person shooter that is essentially a law enforcement simulation. Players are in charge of a SWAT team that takes on numerous scenarios including hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, etcetera. Mission outline revolves around initially making a stealth entry, later going for dynamic entry when a suspect or hostage is discovered.

A SWAT team's goal is to save lives, not take them. Therefore, the player receives more commendation for forcing suspects to surrender, and at the end of every mission, a point total is tallied up to distinguish how well the player did in pursuing the objective. Even if the player completes the mission, if a life is taken during the ordeal, the SWAT team cannot call such an outcome a victory, so points are taken away for such instances. Points are also given for proper police conduct; for instance, when a suspect has been arrested or killed, or a hostage has been restrained, it is the player's duty to report it to the command post. The player should also be certain to confiscate the suspects' weapons upon neutralization. Depending on the difficulty chosen, the point tally will decide if the player ultimately completed or failed the mission and whether or not it must be played again. During gameplay, the mission will automatically end if a hostage is killed.

The game features a relatively active online multiplayer community, allowing for SWAT vs. Suspects gameplay in various situations, despite a large number of players in open matches suffering from Counter-Strikitus -- Usually the gamers who play Suspects primarily. A significant degree of teamwork is typically generated from the two teams, but the player should not expect to be immune from the usual brainless calls of "camper" or "cheater" if they happen to actually know how to utilize skill, strategies and cover instead of racing all over the place and around corners blindly like a stupid retard who thinks he's being chased by a homicidal monkey. However, the game also has a number of clans devoted to it, and such behavior is likely nil during clan matches.

An expansion pack named the Stetchkov Syndicate has been released, featuring primarily seven extra missions and new weapons.
"I tried playing SWAT 4 online yesterday. Turns out the Counter-Strike virus is spreading to other games, now. Figures."
by Rusty Was Here May 03, 2006
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