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The inverse of the word dweeb.

Someone who happens to be totally wicked.

The coolest of cool.

See Samuel L. Jackson.
Matt: "You know what?"
Morgan: "What?"
Matt: "You're a total sweeb, dude."
Morgan: "Thanks, man."
by The Great Kroeger December 10, 2003
sweet, but with a b, so its cool
that was so sweeb bud
by Like ... sam yo June 13, 2003
Someone who severely sucks at a game. Origin: SWAT 4, Player Sweeb

Can also be used as an insult or general profanity.
1) "Raiden, you are such a sweeb."

2) "Well Ill be sweebed... those sweebheads sure sweebed us good."
by TrixyHobbitses February 16, 2005