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A delcious fruity red candy

Unless your named ben and live in new york. Then its a real fish.
Normal Perosn says," Get me some swedish fish to eat for the movie."

Ben says, " Did you see how fast that swedish fish swam?"
by Benny March 09, 2006
51 19
Soft and chewy candy with flavor that lasts from head to tail.
I would like some Swedish Fish right now, but not as much as I'm fiending some Erin.
by FuzzyMonkey September 24, 2003
100 15
A prime example of the Swedish spirit. To make so much, with so little. Red candies with one singular taste, that never the less remain absolutely delicious from start to finish. Seriously, I'd eat a Swedish bitches herps if she told me they were Swedish Fish.
"Go grab me some Swedish Fish, you fuckin' prick."
by Dr. Goodethyme, PHd. March 04, 2007
38 18
A sweet, gummy, red-fish shaped candy - that while not known by all - are actually Satan's bullets - for there devilish, pain that they leave when someone is pelted with one of these candies, crafted only by the deep boughs of firey hell, where Lucifer creates such torturous "candies"
"AAAH" Andrew cried out, as Sam threw a swedish fish on his bare leg, causing a red, stinging welt, that barely resembled a fish.
by Riotfish November 13, 2010
24 6
A Swedish woman's pussy.
I had some Swedish Fish last night.
by Trevor Rockhold February 09, 2009
17 23
1) A red, fish-shaped candy
2) A female fuck-friend

("Swedish Fish. A friend you can eat!")
1) *looks at friend* Nej. *looks at candy* Ja.
2) "Yo, bro, how are things between you and your swedish fish?"
by usversusthem November 19, 2008
14 24
A sexual act, or the participant themselves, in which several men (origionally swedish men from the country of orgin) masterbate while standing in a circle around a woman, bound at the feet and hands. The woman is free to move about, attemptiong to avoid the ejaculate of the men and seeing as she is bound, can only move in a manner that is resemblant of a fish out of water.
"would you care to be the swedish fish at our party tonight?"
by DGZO May 14, 2009
6 25