There are two types of women, swamp donkeys and dirt squirrels:
A swamp donkey is there just "to take the load".
A dirt squirrel "gathers her nuts for the winter".
"Dude, that girl you were with last night was a total swamp donkey"
by IndustrialPig January 20, 2012
a nasty, ketamine addled, white, dreadlocked, trustafarian, uppermiddle class, fool who can be found lying in his or her own sick at free partys all over the uk.

also known in bristol as "swampers"
look at that dirty swamp donkey hes shat himself..
by big skeng October 14, 2011
Noun. An extremely unattractive person.
"I met my new housemate today. He's a total swamp donkey".
by Simox August 04, 2011
a toe up girl that hangs out in places she doesn't belong acting like she is too good for everyone and comes cheap with the giving up of the snatch. But if she was to give it up would need to be double bagged first.
Look at that Swamp Donkey over there. She needs to get with her herd and stampede away.
by Trojan Daddy December 02, 2010
A girl that resembles something disgusting; as to come out of a swamp
Man did you see that girl?
What a swamp donkey!
by Christophe Coullar February 01, 2009
I very ugly female that is not fat but her body is in shambles, aswell as her face and teeth.
I almost puked when this swamp donkey came up to me in taco bell and asked for some money.
by James Rozell August 09, 2008
a word used for a very fugly woman very fugly
she is a real swamp donkey, how could you! what were your motives?
by halloran May 14, 2008
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