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a toe up girl that hangs out in places she doesn't belong acting like she is too good for everyone and comes cheap with the giving up of the snatch. But if she was to give it up would need to be double bagged first.
Look at that Swamp Donkey over there. She needs to get with her herd and stampede away.
by Trojan Daddy December 02, 2010
A girl typically seen at Pomona College.
Man, that Swamp Donkey tried to get me last night, but I kicked her fat ass.
by Teener2831 February 27, 2005
Eldest sibling of the family who wears a bell as jewelry on holiday gatherings. Also known as swamp sister in some eastern philosophies.
My sister Sarah is the Swamp Donkey this year with that bell on her ear.
by beecolony November 26, 2009
a dirty slut whose vagina is swampy, and reeks like a donkeys ass
I went to a party but my time was cut short, after a swamp donkey approached me asking for sex.
by Mr.rambow October 04, 2009
a skank; a girl who doesn't take good care of her self.
Man that girl is nuthin' but a swamp donkey. Look at that nasty ass, she stanks.
by Bran- don Dada June 28, 2009
A girl who has no redeemable qualities. At all. Nothing about her is attractive.
Damn, that girl isn't even a butterface...she a swamp donkey!
by Riles1806 February 24, 2009
A girl that resembles something disgusting; as to come out of a swamp
Man did you see that girl?
What a swamp donkey!
by Christophe Coullar February 01, 2009