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Swampdonkey = slang for a MOOSE (it's a New England, especially Maine thing)
That swampdonkey jumped right out in front of my rig when I was doing 90 MPH!
by Mike Phillips August 19, 2005
15 22
A really fuckin ugly person
Damn, that girl is a swamp donkey or, Hey, there goes swamp donkey
by Peter November 02, 2004
7 14
A Moose mate end of story!
I went hunting Swamp Donkeys last week end with my mates.
by Glen Tate June 27, 2004
4 11
One who persperates excessively from pubic areas
John didn't realize he was a swamp donkey until the crazy night with Sarah was over.
by vapor June 24, 2004
3 10
Needs to brush her teeth once in a while. Wears way to little clothes. n smells gross. livs in maine.
"whats that smell?"
"swamp must be comin."
by lilme February 09, 2004
5 12
Kind of lady my friend Mr Mills would pay good money to impregnate.
Oi Millsy - are you bending one in that SWAMP DONKEY again ???? You catch something, for sure !!
by Willy Wonka September 29, 2003
4 11
Sombody who looks like they have been hit by a bus. They Never take showers, and wear too much perfume to cover up their stench.
Damnit, that swampdonkey was checking me out.
by mohommed G hod November 07, 2006
35 43