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A baby that's dressed with swagger by it's retarded parents.
When you let stupid people breed, you get nothing but a poor little swaglet.
by IKnowWhat'sUp August 08, 2012
the aglet on a sweatshirt or sweater.
Mihoko: Hey! Cool swaglet!
Sydney: Thanks! I customized it online.
by ginganinja7 June 14, 2011
Quiet possibly the greatest invention ever since the aglet. A swaglet is the little end part to your hoodie strings too keep it all together and so that dirt and other unwanted things don't get in it.
Beth likes sweatshirts with a swaglet.

by ffohsib December 01, 2010
babies who are born with natural swag.
"aww look at him hes so cute and he holds himself so well already hes one of the perfect swaglets you would read about"
by imsotiredanditsmonday February 06, 2012