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one of teh best bands out there. they originated in florida

other great bands of their genre include:
-Poison The Well
-Alexisonfire(not as much but yeah)
underOATH is teh sh1T!!1!
by SHADE May 09, 2004
well i just found out about them from a friend, and i always thought they were kinda cute, but now i want to get some because well, i never know when my boyfriend wants to kiss or what not, so i figure ill get some and then he can take it off me, (id rather not have them broken, as they are cute) and then i know,
i have been to some sites and they all say its just a game, and no means no.
i think its all alot of bullshit, but people have free will, and the more they tell people its bad, the more people will wear it.
ya i will wear them, but nothing will make me have sex unless i feel ready
by shade April 14, 2004
what soccer moms need to drive their fat kids around without, the kid crushing the car
also known as idiot mobile
by shade December 15, 2004
A mad run and/or sprint to the bathroom before your bladder explodes.
Julia made a bladderdash after she drank a whole two liter bottle of soda.
by shade June 19, 2006
1. An interjection to convey one's respect for a person, a video game, or a place.

2. A slang word used to signify concurrence, or ackowledgement.
1. "So liek I was playing Metroid and it's like total nbayng!"

2. "I'm liek, goin' to teh store."
by Shade March 05, 2005
My way to say "What?".
Some person: schleffle ma dorjon fizzle.
Me: Wharsh??
by Shade September 04, 2004
you are a douche bag if u think its called a duece bag.....and you drink the water
by shade January 11, 2004
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