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Satan's Unholy Vehicle.
That cidiot parked his SUV in the handicapped spot.
by nucleus May 26, 2004
Status symbol for anglophiles. English variation of SUV. See FUV.
That wanker in the Range Rover drives like he's the King of England.
by nucleus May 26, 2004
n. 1. A person who behaves without consideration for local custom or rules. adj. 2. Having an over-inflated sense of self importance; a megalomaniac.
There’s a cidiot parked in the fire zone.
by nucleus May 25, 2004
short for social climber
That slimber thinks buying a new Hummer will increase his status.
by nucleus May 23, 2004
n. 1. A small, usually one story, house or vacation home. 2. Used informally to refer to one’s McMansion or pocket estate in the Hamptons.
We have a beach cottage in East Hampton.
by nucleus May 25, 2004
The opportunity to have sex with a overweight individual.
That heifer over there is giving you the eye, now's your fat chance.
by nucleus May 31, 2004
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