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You are in the bathroom to pee, and suddenly, and out of nowhere, like a phantom.. you have to poop. There was no previous sensation as if one had to defecate, it snuck in like flynn and out like a trout.
Last night at my families house, I was taking a nice long piss when suddenly I had a surprise poop
by michelleywords June 10, 2011
The water that splashes up your butt hole when taking a shit.
When your sitting on the toilet and the dump is coming out and you think its going to flow like a river into the stream but then ends up shooting like a volcano straight into your ass. SURPRISE POOP!
by We wanna be WANGSTAS! April 21, 2011
when you go to the bathroom thinking you have to pee, when suddenly, out of the blue, you have to poop.
"dude, I just had a wicked surprise poop"

"surprise poops piss me the fuck off"
by Zombri507 March 03, 2014
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